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 Do you know Taiwan suppliers make great GPS chips? 

GPS chips

Because GPS chip's performance affects GPS' positioning speed, sensitivity, positioning time, etc; they have become suppliers’ main target. For the last two years, GPS chip suppliers try to merge or develop a new strategy to ensure their position and technology in the market remain strong.

In 2007, Taiwan chipset company MediaTek has become Garmin's supplier and other companies such as Prolific Technology Inc. and MStar Semiconductor Inc. and SkyTraq slowly become influential in GPS chipset market.

  • MediaTek Inc.
    MediaTek Inc. is a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital media solutions. The company is a market leader and pioneer in cutting-edge SOC system solutions for wireless communications, high-definition digital TV, optical storage, and high definition DVD products. Founded in 1997 and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange under the code "2454", MediaTek is headquartered in Taiwan and has sales and research subsidiaries in Mainland China, Singapore, India, U.S., Japan, Korea, Ireland, Denmark and England.
  • Prolific Technology
    Prolific Technology Inc., a leading IC design house and ASIC design service provider, was founded in November 1997 by a group of highly experienced and specialized technical engineers. The Company started out by developing Smart I/O IC solutions, focusing on niche USB/IEEE 1394 bridge controller products. The Company then also ventured in the Mixed-Mode technology development, successfully designing Brushless Motor Driver IC and Hall sensors. With the future towards 3C integration, the Company will devote more efforts in SOC development as well as integration of competitive multimedia (MPEG-4/JPEG/MP3) and GPS products.

    The Company will also continue to introduce new technologies for existing IC product base that will offer customers a wide range of product solutions. Through System Integration technology, Prolific is envisioning herself to grow from a Professional IC Design House to a leading SOC Core Technology Pioneer.
  • Mstar Semiconductor
    MStar Semiconductor, Inc. is a professional IC design house, and is dedicated in providing mixed-mode integrated circuit technologies. By combining semiconductor design expertise and advanced proprietary technologies, MStar delivers a broad line of products: multimedia, wireless communications ICs, general-purpose mixed-mode ICs, and Intellectual Property (IP) development services. Backed by a very experienced mixed-mode R&D team (members are with years of experiences of mixed-mode design and were the key members of the mixed-signal design groups from several prestigious hi-tech corporations), MStar is able to leverage its know-how in mixed-mode processing to deliver products, which facilitates our diversified range of semiconductor solutions. MStar is committed to providing timely, professional technical services to ensure customers success using our products.

Knowledge about GPS Receiver

What is GPS receiver?

GPS receiver

When people talk about "a GPS," they usually mean a GPS receiver. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is actually a constellation of 27 Earth-orbiting satellites (24 in operation and three extras in case one fails). The U.S. military developed and implemented this satellite network as a military navigation system, but soon opened it up to everybody else.

A GPS receiver's job is to locate four or more of these satellites, figure out the distance to each, and use this information to deduce its own location. This operation is based on a simple mathematical principle called trilateration.

The most essential function of a GPS receiver is to pick up the transmissions of at least four satellites and combine the information in those transmissions with information in an electronic almanac, all in order to figure out the receiver's position on Earth.

GPS Receivers vs. Tracking

GPS receiver

There is a popular misperception that GPS is a "tracking" technology and therefore that it can be easily misused by public agencies and private companies to monitor people's whereabouts. In reality, a GPS receiver is just that, a receiver. It knows its location (latitude, longitude, altitude, compass heading, and speed) anywhere on Earth, within about 30 feet. (Differential GPS receivers can achieve an accuracy of a few millimeters.) However, several companies now produce GPS-based tracking devices that couple a GPS receiver with a wireless transmitter, usually using the control channel on a cellular network. These devices relay the position of a vehicle to a tracking center. Someone who purchases a handheld GPS receiver at a sporting goods store or a car GPS receiver at an electronics store need not fear that Big Brother will hence always know her or his whereabouts. However, someone renting a car or a boat might ask whether the vehicle is equipped with a GPS receiver and a transmitter, as rental companies often track their vehicles.


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