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GPS devices are among the hottest technology products, but it's easy to spend a lot on one and be disappointed. The prices of GPS devices vary widely, depending mostly on the chip and battery's qualities. A competent GPS receiver requires low power consumption and high sensitivity. Power consumption is said to be under 15 mW, in 1Hz (map updates every second) tracking mode and acquisition sensitivity is rated at -158 dBm in assisted GPS (A-GPS) and autonomous hot-start modes, and -160 dBm when tracking. Those two important factors ensure you to arrive the destination without getting lost or wasting time on recharging the battery.

I would like to discuss about a bluetooth GPS receiver that has been getting good comments. It's a GPS receiver that is designed with internal passive antenna, bluetooth wireless technology and build in flash based firmware and here's the case of it. LGSF3000 is a GPS receiver that is produced in Taiwan. Like other high-tech products, GPS devices are most made by OEM or ODM in Taiwan. This is one of the reasons that their price is competitive because the company isn't really spending much on promoting brand but focusing on product quality.

Group Buy, Case of GPS Reeiver LGSF3000
Group Buying, Back of the case for GPS Reeiver LGSF3000
On the back of the case, there are three pictures that demonstrate the basic feature of the receiver. The size of the container is 15.3cm(L)x13.6cm(W)x7cm(H).
Buying Group, GPS Reeiver LGSF3000
In the box, it contents GPS receiver, rechargeable lithium-on battery, Cigarette lighter adaptor, power adapter, USB cable, user guide.

The actual size of the car is 49(W) x 85(L) x 31(H) mm, weight 80kg with the battery, 2.2.2 power source, input charging circuit is 5vDC, lithium-ion battery(+3.7v, 1100 mAh or 1000 mAh) and 2.2.3 GPS specification. The chipset they are using is SiRF Star Ⅲ with high performance, low power consumption.

    Here are some statistics of LGSF3000.
  • Channels:20 channels all-I –view tracking
  • Support Standard:NMEA-0183
  • Hot start:1s (average)
  • Warm start:38s (average)
  • Cold start:42s (average)
  • Acceleration:4g max..
  • Altitude︰18000m max..
  • Reacquisition︰100ms
  • Velocity︰515m/s max..
  • Position accuracy︰10m 2DRMS
  • Reacquisition Time︰1 microsecond synchronized to GSP time
  • 2.2.4 Bluetooth specification
  • Wireless requirement Compatible with Bluetooth devicesv1.1 v1.2 v2.0
  • Bluetooth standard all transmission standard w/ extend standard SCO
  • Bluetooth profile Serial Port Profile (SPP)
  • Frequency range 2.4 GHz public free channel ISM
  • Transmission range (by open space) 10m (30feet)
  • Input sensitivity < -85dBm

Group Buy, The fact of GPS Reeiver LGSF3000 with box
Buying Group, The fact of GPS Reeiver LGSF3000
I like the fact it looks like a car instead of a square box.

For your battery to reach optimum performance, it is recommended to recharge the battery for 10-12 hours for the first time.

    Battery Specification
  • Form replaceable rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Capacity 1100 mAh
  • Current consumption 3.7 V
  • Load impedance (after package) 30 – 70 ohms
  • Weight 23 g
  • Max. charge ampere 1.0 A(1000mA)
  • Charging circuit 4.20 ± 0.05 V
  • Max. discharge ampere 1.0 A(1000mA)
  • Charge CC/CV
  • Operation temperature range charge:0~45°C / discharge:-20~+60°C
  • Storage temperature range:
    within 1 month:-20~+60°C
    within 3 months:-20~+40°C
    within 1 year:-20~+20°C

Charging for connector is easy, you can also connect to notebook or PC for charging!

Group Buy, Bluetooth GPS Receiver - GPS Reeiver LGSF3000
2.2.6 Interface : Communication with host platform via Bluetooth Serial Profile v2.0, auto-adjust transmission velocity NMEA 0183 2.2. ASCII output format (GPGGA, GPGLL, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPRMC, GPVTG).

Since location accuracy is one of the important factors, LGSF3000 uses SiRFstar III due to its ability to acquire and maintain a signal lock in urban or densely covered forest environments, and its faster Time to First Fix (TTFF), the time it takes for a GPS receiver to lock onto the satellite signals and determine the initial position.

Bluetooth GPS receiver is a compact design with internal passive antenna, bluetooth wireless technology and build in flash based firmware. Without any wiring requirement GPS receiver adds GPS positioning capability to any Bluetooth enabled device with lower power consumption. The high performance and high sensitivity to -159dBm may survey 20channels all-in-view tracking by the cold start.

Bulk Price Guaranteed !!Group Buy - Bulk Price Guaranteed. Buy Now ⇒Current Buyer : 7

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