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  • Excellent GPS Receiver in Taiwan
  • Excellent GPS Receiver in Taiwan
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Taiwan GPS suppliers, Mobile Action Technology Inc and Polar have released their new GSP products for sport.

GPS for Cycling

GPS for Cycling

Whether you are a road biker or a mountain biker, there's a GPS that will work well for you, and it can mount right on your handlebars. All of them have high-sensitivity chipsets for superior satellite reception in urban canyons and under canopy. While they are excellent cyclometers, they aren't all that great as navigation devices. If you are primarily wanting to track your performance though, Taiwan suppliers who make sporting GPS receivers would be your excellent choice. They are suitable for whoever wants data acquisition and a dashboard lap timer.

2009 Taiwan GPS receiver manufacturer

Taiwan GPS receiver supplier has emerged as a manufacturing destination for GPS products on the global map, attracting major players to set up their production facilities in the country.

2009 is a year that is full of opportunities for Equipment and IC Taiwan Suppliers" cites factors including the availability and affordability of GPS receivers, new applications and emerging markets such as people tracking, automatic vehicle location (AVL), asset tracking, recreational use, plus wireless carriers' compliance with the E911 initiative as contributing to the rise.

Other factors that will continue the trend toward the inclusion of GPS functionality in handsets include the spread of open source operating systems such as Google's Android which provide application specific interfaces (APIs) that allow software developers to create location-based content for mobile devices, and the continuing emergence of navigation and map-based applications for handsets.

"Taiwan suppliers are approaching the point where location awareness will be synonymous with smart devices, a point where personal navigation, social spatial knowledge, and location-specific contextual information will be assumed handset capabilities."

The mobile information technology market is growing as millions of portable navigation systems are being sold worldwide. Will the PND continue to reign supreme, or will the handset take over as the top navigation and information device?

Either way, the largest automotive manufacturers, wireless carriers, global positioning system providers, software companies are finding ways to get information into a vehicle or a mobile device such as a PND -- whether that be traffic information, location-based e-commerce, navigation and emergency services.

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Ready-Market Online Corp.We are a team that can help you to find a trusted and qualified supplier by using our years of experience on sourcing. Ready-Market, a Procurement Service Provider that has been assisting companies with their strategic sourcing requirements for 20 years. We are dedicated to your needs and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Services and Operating procedures:
 Selection of Appropriate and Reputable Vendors
Once we receive the detailed requirements of your product, we will source and evaluate for the qualified suppliers based on your requisition.
 Presentation of Supplier Profile
A briefing book that contents in-depth supplier information and analysis will be presented for online negotiation.
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Through Ready-Market online platform system, meetings with vendor are supervised. An thoro documentation will be prepared from supplier-side and it includes supporting documents, samples and preliminary pricing.

As a purchaser, you will be able to have meetings with either one or more than one representatives using our online program or face-to-face. If facilities inspection and operation evaluation are required, plants visiting can be arranged as well.
 Contract Negotiation
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Ready-Market is capable of sourcing for any GPS related products. Drop us a line and we will respond soon!
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